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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Elul 8 - Possibilities - by Debbie Bram

I remember growing up in Chicago the excitement that surrounded Passover. Besides all the preparations in our home, what was truly exciting to me was that even though there was still snow on the ground, spring was around the corner. The possibility of seeing the grass again, the possibility of watching the crocuses pop out of the ground and the blue birds returning were all very exciting.

As a child, Elul represented the return to school and that the laid back summer was soon to be over. FYI: in Chicago we did not start school until after Labor Day. What happened to that tradition?! I can’t say as a child I was very happy about Elul. I am grateful that I have matured as now as an adult, Elul awakens in me possibilities similar to, but different than the Passover spring of my childhood.

The sound of the shofar during Elul is the wake up call to begin to contemplate what might be possible this year.

  • The possibility of being more compassionate.
  • The possibility of learning new things. (As an educator, I couldn’t help myself!)
  • The possibility of listening more closely to others.
  • The possibility of embracing my mistakes as they help me grow and learn.
  • The possibility of imagining that the impossible can be possible.

May this month of Elul help you contemplate what possibilities you want to open for yourself this year. Wishing all of you a year filled with many possibilities.

Debbie Bram, Director of Jewish Life and Learning

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