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Monday, August 17, 2015

Elul 3 - by Sue Matlof

I will never have an opportunity to replay my life as did Jeff Winston in Ken Grimewood’s book, Replay; but as the High Holidays approach I can reflect back on what I accomplished this past year and what my goals and aspirations are for the coming year of 5776. I have an opportunity to get back on track.

I was a part of the Tikkun Middot project which focused on learning about myself with regard to 10 soul traits; Humility, Honor, and Patience, ~ just to name a few.  Once a month I studied with our group and I have a Chevruta (study partner) that I checked in during the month.  I would find one small behavior change that I wanted to make and work on it for the entire month. Making these small changes is not an overwhelming endeavor. I noticed that I needed to find my balance within each Middot.  With mindfulness and awareness being very much integrated into the program, I was able to learn techniques to reduce stress and bring a sense of calm into situations that otherwise would have been laced with anxiety.

Striving for balance of the soul in my life won’t be easy.  I will get thrown in the wrong direction; I may find myself on top of the highest mountain or at the bottom of the deepest valley. But I can always return to center to regain my balance. The small adjustments to what I am doing allow me to determine what works best for me. Over time I will be creating a new set of positive life habits and be leading a happier existence. 

I can’t think of a better way to lead my life than to be in balance.
A Zen way to view whether your life is in balance is
you enjoy each moment and every second,
you cope with any difficulties,
you can be happy without any reason to be happy,
you can be yourself and love the person you are.

This is my prayer for 5776 and the years to come.

Sue Matlof

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  1. Well put! Thanks for showing me the blog. Bill Elliot