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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Face Challenges Daily

by Jordyn Miller

Throughout our lives, we face challenges daily. Whether it is deciding what to eat for breakfast or where to go to college, each challenge matters. The decisions, even the little ones, made daily affect the outcome of our lives. This summer, I made the decision to travel to Nicaragua to volunteer for two weeks. This decision affected my life.

In the winter, I heard about the opportunity of going to Nicaragua. Immediately, I was interested. But, I never actually thought I would follow through. I pushed the decision making off and told my mom we could talk about it later. Weeks passed, and I needed to make a choice about whether or not I was going to attend. I finally decided to go.

After the trip, I came home a completely different person. I would not have been able to be the person I am now and appreciate what I appreciate if I did not take the opportunity life handed me.

Since we are given so many beautiful things throughout our lives, sometimes, it is within our best interest to choose to do something that may seem tough, or not so beautiful, to make it our own and to make it something personally beautiful. Going into the Nicaragua trip, I was nervous, of course, but coming out of it, I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without it.

The High Holy Days are times when all of us can reflect on the decision we made and the challenges we faced in the past year. I hope you were able to experience some powerful moments and overcome challenges. In the coming year, I encourage all of us to take more risks and accept more challenges.

The impact that life can have if you allow it to make an impact on you is more immense than one can imagine.

Jordyn Miller is a senior at Parkway North High School. She has been a member of Shaare Emeth for 17 years and is the current Religious and Cultural Vice President on Shaare Emeth Temple Youth Group’s Executive Board. She participates in extracurriculars in and out of school and is very active in her school community, as well. 

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