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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Praying With Our Feet

This past Shabbat I spent the morning with Rabbi Goldstein and other members of our Shaare Emeth community working to register voters in Ferguson and the surrounding towns. We went door to door, armed with lists of unregistered voters, blank voter registration forms, a friendly smile and a desire to help. In the month since Michael Brown’s death, many in our community and around the nation have been seeking ways to pursue justice and support those impacted by events in Ferguson. Voter registration and “get out the vote” efforts are two important ways we can empower our neighbors to take ownership of their community. I found my time in Ferguson to be a powerful antidote to the feelings of powerlessness I have experienced in recent weeks.

As we prepare to begin a New Year, may we remain mindful of the deep societal issues that have become center stage in the past month. The challenges are daunting and the social issues are complex but we know this moment has the potential to spark a turning point for both our community and our country. This Elul, may our reflections include consideration of what actions we will take in the year ahead to improve our community.  Let us reflect on how we will work to improve our community so that we can all enter the New Year empowered to build a more just, compassionate and caring society. 

Rabbi Jonah Zinn

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