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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elul 23 - Lessons Learned - by Carl Moskowitz

My father was probably my most important role model of the many I had while growing up.  He always was there to offer help to a friend or neighbor and in all the years never asked or expected anything in return.  He was generous and fair to the employees of his leather goods manufacturing business.  It was when I was a freshman in college that he felt the business no longer could sustain itself and had to close it.  On my winter break from college, he told me the news and that he also was out of work.  Shortly thereafter those he had helped in the past came forward to help him.  Those with companies of their own offered jobs and I was told by one to come to him if I needed help to continue in college. 

So I chose to follow in my fathers footsteps by working to help others - first with FEMA in national disasters like hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Sandy and then as a volunteer with the local Red Cross chapter.

My volunteer work with the Red Cross these past years has made me more aware of how needy are many in our St. Louis community.  Many families affected by fires or floods have had to make the tough choice between feeding their families or insuring their possessions.  The help I can provide though the Red Cross is immediate and short term.  For example, for one family with three children who lost not only their home but their clothing as well, we got them housing in a motel and provided a debit card to help obtain some clothes and food. The rewards to this work are small but gratifying - from hugs and handshakes from the families and thanks from the firemen at the scene.  But I often have wondered what becomes of these families afterwards since I now am aware of how much more needs to be done to help them rebuild their lives and break the barriers of poverty. 

I hope that in the coming year I will have the strength and stamina to continue and possibly expand my efforts as a community volunteer.  In this way I build on the values taught me by my father and continue one person’s attempt to live the Jewish value of tzedakah.

Carl Moskowitz

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