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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Welcome back to Shaare Emeth's Elul blog.  Last night at sundown we began the Hebrew month of Elul, which traditionally is a time to reflect on the year that has past and prepare for the upcoming High Holy Days. Traditional spiritual practices during the month of Elul include:

- hearing the shofar blown 
- reading Psalm 27
- visiting the graves of loved ones who have passed
- spending at least a small amount of time in silence each day
- granting and asking for forgiveness
- the practice of Cheshbon HaNefesh - making an honest and thoughtful accounting of our actions and intentions over this past year.  In doing this, we hope to observe the places where we may feel stuck, and try to find motivation for self-transformation.  Some people take this process quite literally, keeping a journal to record the insights they uncover during this period of time.  Others simply find time to reflect more internally.

I encourage you to commit to one spiritual practice during the month of Elul and see how that practice can deepen your awareness.  Your practice might simply be reading this blog each day.

This Elul, along with thoughts and ideas from Shaare Emeth's clergy, we have invited 12 members of the congregation to share their thoughts and ideas about this time of preparation as well.

The blog is meant to be interactive, so please feel free to ask questions and add positive comments and reflections of your own.

As we begin this month of spiritual reflection and preparation, may our community be blessed with moments of honesty, forgiveness and peace.

Rabbi Andrea

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