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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What does it mean to prepare?

What does it mean to prepare? 

When you make dinner, you need to have all the ingredients, the time, the pots and pans and the recipe.  When you go out for the evening, you might need a babysitter, a clean shirt and slacks and maybe a spouse or a date.  When you have an assignment due at work or school, you work toward it, doing research, writing, editing and proofreading.  

With the month of Elul, we are asked to prepare for the coming High Holy Days, or the Days of Awe.  What do we need to prepare for these?  What are we actually preparing for? We're not preparing for a meal or an event or even an assignment, instead, we're preparing for something of the heart and mind and even the soul.  That's a tall order to be sure.  It's utterly overwhelming.  So that I don't become overwhelmed, instead of thinking about the gestalt of the High Holy Days, I think about possibility.  

What can this new year bring?  What can this year offer me?  What can I do to make choices that are better?  Where can I find more inner peace in my increasingly busy demanding schedule? What more can I offer my wife, my kids and my friends?  How can I help myself be a better me? 

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